Store room to board room

Store room to board room

Your space re-imagined!

Your successful business is expanding. What if you need a little more room to accommodate staff or give presentations? Rearranging or creating a meeting space to utilise some extra storage space can open possibilities so you’re able to host clients or have important meetings without disrupting the whole team.

An interior fit-out and refurbishment doesn’t have to take place throughout your business premises all at once.

TCi construction WORKS can work sensitively around live areas with carefully planned access routes, dust and noise control measures.

This simple project created a 5m x 3m boardroom and 5m2 lobby/storage area from an under-utilised stock room. The business was able to reorganise space in their main warehouse to accommodate the stock items, making them more accessible as a result.

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Cost: £5000*

A two-tone white and anthracite boardroom table with comfortable mesh-backed chairs supplied by TCi furniture WORKS ensured the space was ready to use immediately on handover.

*project cost can vary, depending on the existing structure, design and other factors.

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