CQC Ltd – Barnstaple Headquarters

CQC Ltd – Barnstaple Headquarters

Having been based at Pottington for nearly 60 years, Textile Manufacturer CQC Ltd recently acquired a new site in Roundswell and relocated on 12th June after an extensive refurbishment from TCi construction WORKS

CQC outlined the requirement to TCi construction WORKS. Jim Capron, Operations Manager worked with the specification to produce a detailed programme to work within the required timescale and budget.

The desired specification included:

  • Public reception facility
  • Open-plan work space with a minimal amount of partitioning
  • Good use of natural light
  • Visibility across the work area
  • Office space with a number of separate rooms
  • Renovation and installation of full male/female and easy-access toilet facilities
  • Kitchen and welfare facilities

In conjunction with this a planning application is currently in progress for a large window to be fitted, thus increasing the amount of natural light and perception of space in the office area.

Preparation and delivery

Approximately 4 weeks after the initial point of contact, TCi construction WORKS commenced activity. Site Manager, Simon Green was appointed to oversee the project.

Work commenced with the marking and assembly of jumbo stud walls and installation of a suspended ceiling framework above the main office area. Reception, toilet and upstairs facilities began to form whilst M&E and air-conditioning was installed in-line with building regulations.

Despite some alterations to the original design, the project ran to schedule.

Works carried out:

Unit 1 willow tree court –150m2
  • A meeting room to liaise with potential clients & current customers
  • Research & Development section/floor space
  • Material & product preparation area
  • Basic welfare facilities
Units 2 & 3, Brannam Crescent – 660m2:
  • Two large units, separated into office space, production area and storage facility
  • Unit 3 has a 12m x 8m jumbo stud soundproof partition to protect the office
  • Four enclosed offices constructed within the office area
  • 195m2 of suspended ceiling tiles throughout the office space
  • Air conditioning units for heating and cooling throughout
  • Designed and built staircase for access to first floor area above existing toilets
  • First floor male toilet facility created
  • Disabled toilet in the ground floor area
  • Kitchenette & welfare facilities installed in the corner of the production area, including a breakfast bar and coffee-table area.

The project proceeded smoothly and was completed in time for intended occupation on 12th June. The work has been well received by manufacturing staff and creates a strong visual impression, utilising the corporate British Racing Green and white colours associated with CQC Ltd.

CQC Ltd is a world leading British-based manufacturer of textile products with a longstanding history in the defence market, producing a high-quality, robust personal military equipment used by the UK Ministry of Defence and many foreign professional militaries.