Distribution Warehouse Refurbishment

Distribution Warehouse Refurbishment

Refurbishment and adaptation of vast industrial facility

EDF Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build (HPC) engaged TCi construction WORKS (TCi) in the refurbishment of a 230,000sqft (20,700m2) former retail distribution depot for the consolidation of material and equipment deliveries. 

Works included a new roof, complete M&E strip-out design & installation with safety lighting, tannoy system and communication services, construction of 270,000cuft (7,500m3) humidity and temperature-controlled storage, vehicle extract and air management systems, creation of office and staff accommodation areas and the installation of racking and storage facilities. 

Fire safety provisions made in-line with regulations, including a full alarm and safety lighting system as well as fully certified fire doors to all office and welfare areas.

Humidity & temperature controlled storage
Safe working hours

The existing warehouse occupied part of a site already leased by the Nuclear New Build project to provide a park and ride facility, relieving traffic from the nearby town of Bridgwater. TCi has been engaged on the site over the course of the past two years, undertaking the modular new build of a 3 storey bus operations facility and refurbishment of a vehicle maintenance unit. 

Value Engineering

Early Occupation

Safety & Security

Following a full condition survey report and feasibility study, TCi and HPC teams collaborated to establish a user requirement and to agree best possible scenarios.

Enhanced Stakeholder engagement 

A remarkable feature of the entire project has been the early engagement from key stakeholders that have a long-term role within and dependency upon the successful completion of the facility. By involving the client, facilities management, warehouse and logistics management (end user) and site security contractor, a truly holistic approach to design and delivery has been made possible. 

Considerations for the day-to-day operation of the site could be taken into account, resulting in positive decision making over the layout of the facility, including the positioning of loading bays, utilities and staff accommodation. 

Working together – One Team Approach 

The design process advised comprehensively on the limitations and opportunities of the structure with initial costings produced for assessment by the client before undertaking value engineering. 

It was evident early in the costing process that the roof of the facility was in need of complete restoration, which was likely to incur a huge cost. By proposing to provide an outer-skin system, TCi was able to keep costs to a minimum. The solution not only saved material purchase and installation costs, but also helped to avoid the strip-out and disposal of the existing roof, as well as preventing lengthy disruption to the programme. The inclusion of replacement roof lights throughout the building has created a naturally illuminated space, reducing the need for electrical lighting. 

In order to meet budgetary requirements, TCi engaged an M&E joint venture, comprising two well-established companies, with previous experience of projects within the nuclear industry, to undertake value engineering to several high-value packages. This involved adjusting the specification for environmental management plant and vehicle exhaust extract system to achieve similar results with a simpler setup.

By working in partnership with the client’s facilities contractor, future maintenance costs were considerably reduced by revising the design of the lighting systems, representing a saving to the overall client budget for both installation cost and future service, with added safety benefits. This represents a great example of stakeholders achieving benefits that reach into the future of the project by taking the opportunity to work together and communicate.  

The appointed facilities management contractor was invited to site regularly to review progress and ensure understanding of progress, to eliminate the possibility of issues arising at handover. 

By liaising with the client’s security contractor, TCi has made efforts to ensure that end-user proposals are in line with site-wide security infrastructure. 

Completion & Handover 

The project was completed on schedule, to the original budget. Commissioning reports and full O&M manuals have been published and provided on handover. Throughout the project, the facilities management contractor has been kept in consultation, along with site security to ensure a safe and cost-effective maintenance and safety legacy. 

Thanks to the excellent working relationships between each of the contractors and key stakeholders, the project completed on time and within budget and will eventually see £2.2bn in stock stored and transported from the site, offering a managed traffic solution to the transport of goods through nearby Bridgwater to minimise local disruption. 

The facility will also offer the option of support beyond the build for the ongoing needs of HPC operation as the need for offsite storage and logistics is assessed.